devours new technologies.

The potentialities of the new media are truly amazing. Unfortunately they are not easily accessible to users. We are a geek creative team, skilled in new information technologies. If you need fucking good programmers we are the partners that you are looking for.

a fanatical mind.

As a child he enjoyed assembling objects and technological devices, in the hopes of creating a robot. To this day he only succeeded in creating a unique exemplar of man-machine: Dosse. The habit to creatively combine various technologies has become for him a golden obsession.

this way it doesn't work!

If you are looking for the needle in the haystack, give up, it has already been taken away by Dany. There are no errors that slip through his eye or lines of code that go unnoticed. If you're wrong Dany sees it and if you are doing well he knows that you could do better. Is it maybe the stolen needle to give him this super powers?

a clinical case of human-machine.

He doesn't sleep, eat nor drink and he does not consume electricity. His brain is able to handle more calculations than a quantum processor and it's impossible to keep up with him. All the IT companies would like an employee like him but only NETTuno is at its level!

the hybrid generation.

Garden Director by profession - broadly speaking since he likes cultivating start-ups such as plants, with the same care of the farmer and the most advanced technologies - spacing from synergic garden to HTML5. His ten years of preparation in the field of videogames were abruptly interrupted by the 1998 blackout. That's why he embraced solar energy and biotechnologies.

Are you fanatic enough?

If you think that you have the mood and you would like to join our team, send us an email!