We develop for any device on any platform.

4 MILLION of applications sold all over the world. Android, iOS, Windows Phone7.
Mobile applications are a glimpse into the future.

Apps and Business:

We provide comprehensive consulting services for companies wishing to invest in the creation of mobile applications. We can customize the functionalities on the basis of the customer needs and goals. We manage all the activities related to applications and we offer technical assistance, where needed.

App and Communication:

Developing an application allows you to use innovative tools that create fame and visibility to the company. But moreover, allows the companies to communicate with their users, providing targeted and, why not, geolocated services. That kind of services that create a direct and personal company-user relation.

App and Game:

Do you have an idea that you want to turn into a successful game? Or are you maybe looking for something fun to advertise your company? We offer to you our experience and consulting to reach gain and popularity through the games.

App and Utility:

Applications can simplify many actions and save time and money to your business. With our help you can optimize, monitor, manage and control many of your work activities, with the convenience of having always them at your hand.

We create highly innovative and customized solutions.

We guarantee the maximum efficiency on Tablet, SmartPhones and PC.
Exploit the potential of Web-Apps and Social Media.


Thanks to several years of work we can now offer an highly customizable product to manage the sale of products online. Our platform, called Agora, is made with the most advanced technologies. It has also unique features and functions that facilitate both the buying and the management of the online store. Take a look at some of our projects in the web section.

Web Apps:

This kind of application is certainly the most powerful tool that the web has to offer. It's possible to create web apps for mobile devices and / or PC thanks to the ability to exploit the potential of Internet and browsers. The web app can be a simple management system, a complex software or a marketing tool available to all users or just for private use. We offer a detailed consulence to illustrate all the benefits and identify the right strategy for your company.

Web Sites and CMS:

Our dedicated team of designers is able to customize the look of the website, defining with you the design that best fits your needs. We also provide a content management system (CMS), to allow the customers to customize and manage their content, whether they are just some news or complex data structures.

Responsive web design:

We always use the latest technologies to ensure maximum visibility and accessibility to all devices, from PCs to smartphones. More and more people today are surfing on Internet through their mobile devices that have different resolutions and browsers. Thanks to a dynamic web we can ensure maximum compatibility with the least expense.

Progettiamo sistemi completi per utilizzi specifici.

Efficienza e professionalità fanno di noi un ottimo partner per importanti progetti.
RFI e MILANO-SERRAVALLE sono solo alcune delle società per le quali abbiamo lavorato.

Complex systems:

Today, the rapid growth of mobile systems and the strong presence of interconnected telecommunications systems allow to bring an internet connection anywhere. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we are able to fuse together different platforms to achieve any kind of idea and project, even outside of the office.

Control systems:

We design web-based control centers for the remote management of any kind of system. By using web sockets, as for example APE, it's possible to obtain real time information on system status, send commands, manage tickets and so on. The web-based systems do not require installation, are easily upgradeable and they are multiplatform by definition.

Management software:

We develop management software for small and large companies. Whatever is the size of your business, a management software simplifies and streamlines the control of different areas of work.

Mobile experience:

Whether you need a software for remote control or a management system, the opportunity to use them even when you're not in front of a computer or in the workplace is a luxury that became an ever more important need. Our softwares are all manageable also from the mobile systems, to ensure at all times the full control of your business.