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Virtual Guitar 3

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The most complete and easy guitar in AppStore! Play just shaking your iPhone, do it in real time with other people, record what you are playing, customize and choose between a lot of effects and sounds! Totally free! More info

Virtual Guitar PRO

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It's a programmable electronic guitar. Arpeggiates or shake your phone to play one of the over 700 songs already available. Join the first guitarists mobile community and share the guitar chords of your favorite songs! More info

Virtual Guitar FREE

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The lite version of Virtual Guitar PRO. It has no distortion mode. More info

No More Mosquitoes

The icon of the No More Mosquitoes app

This application emits an ultrasound (inaudible to human ears) that mimics the sexual call of male mosquitoes causing repulsion from already fecundated female mosquitoes, which are the only ones able to bite. More info

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The icon of the Ukulele app

It's a programmable electronic Ukulele, the Hawaiian musical instrument par excellence. Lots of songs are already available to be played! Have fun playing this exotic instrument!


The icon of the Bagpipe app

It reads the data from the barometric sensor on the new iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 and it tells you your altitude and the air pressure. It also calculates your relative altitude and it makes weather predictions based on air pressure.

Piano Game PRO

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PianoGame is a musical and memory game! You have to guess the proposed notes, play them, and remember the past ones. How many notes can you recognize and remember?

Piano Game X

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The Mac OSX version of Piano Game.

Piano Game FREE

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The free version of Piano Game, with Adv.

Download the Windows Phone 7 app


The icon of the Bagpipe app

It simulates a real Scottish bagpipes. Just blow into the microphone of your phone to play. The tutorial already offers some tunes. Give breath to your iPhone, get close to this little-known instrument and discover the Scot inside you!

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Bongo Cube

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Try the most realistic bongo on the store!

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Finger Fever

The icon of the Finger Fever app

A classic arcade game in the palm of your hand. Unleash your fingers to the beat! Follow the steps on the screen, keep the time and improvise stunts never tried before, to complete the entire sequence without errors!


The icon of the Turn Me ON app

Turn your iPhone into a flashlight! It is useful in unexpected moments. Ensures brightness and visibility in any situation, while camping, in the cellar, during a blackout, as light for reading ...


The icon of the RGBomb app

A dangerous bomber triggered a bomb. You only know the color of the explosive mixture and to defuse the bomb you have to mix the primary RGB or CMY colors to get that color. What are you waiting for? The countdown has already begun!

Stay Away

The icon of the Stay Away app

By the time the ear loses the ability to hear high frequencies, some sounds can be heard only from people under certain ages. The app plays sounds at various frequencies, to let you know the age of your hearing or keep out unwanted people!

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